Cloud Conversion eCommerce Automation connects ChannelAdvisor to’s award winning platform. Our client’s data (the customer, order, product, and message details) is brought into This provides their business with a centralized source of information that is easy to navigate and utilize across customer service, returns, inventory, and order management.

Our client’s experience is designed around detailed customer profiles that outline every interaction their customers have with their company. Phone calls, messages, feedback, and orders appear organized on an automated basis as each new interaction takes place. The result is a rich database primed for performing simple and effective customer service designed to result in positive feedback.

Through the Cloud Conversion ChannelAdvisor integration, we further expand the ability of our clients to work in a single unified workspace without jumping between systems. Clients can upload tracking and manage returns without leaving

This powerful system automatically integrates data regarding orders, customer history, and products into a single powerful workspace.

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It tightly integrates our eCommerce data with our customer service and support
operations, which ensures fast/high quality customer service, critical to
maintaining top feedback and reviews in our various marketplaces

Zachary P- Value Pet Supplies

In addition to the CRM functionality, the kitting/bundling features for all our eComm Channels has been working fabulously! Thanks to the team for answering all our questions and helping improve our overall performance and efficiency!

Mikki S- Studio Hut

Has helped us streamline processes and exceed our customers expectations.
If you are using Channel Advisor without the CRM connector you are missing

Tom M- Northern Marine Discount Electronics LLC

I have to say that it has dramatically
changed our lives - and that
is no overstatement!

Andrew T- Tackle Discounts

We no longer think about the customer service
headaches that we used to have and we can now
devote more time to growing our business

Vanessa S- Gemstone King

While Cloud Conversion eCommerce Automation is an out of the box solution, no two ChannelAdvisor sellers are the same. With the support of, Cloud Conversion helps you capture the unique demands of your business by offering a fully customizable interface. Our customization tools include:

  • Workflow Rules
  • Custom Fields
  • User Permissions
  • Security Settings
  • Inquiry Settings
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards

As part of the setup process every client works one-on-one with a success manager to build a solution that captures the unique needs of their business.

Cloud Conversion eCommerce Automation cuts down on time-consuming processes to make your team’s efforts more effective. Finding a balance of automation and personal touch is a main component of the setup process and is at the discretion of each client. Our automation tools include:

  • Workflow Rules
  • Email Triggers
  • Task Management
  • Event Management
  • Macros
  • Formula Fields

As part of the setup process every client works one-on-one with a success manager to build automation that saves time and energy by eliminating manual process and repetition.

Whether its expanding your customer service team or doing more with your existing workforce Cloud Conversion eCommerce Automation is built to grow along with your business. Overcome your new employee’s learning curve with instantly providing them with access to the entire history of your customer service operations.

  • Same tool used by the largest retailers in the world
  • Easy to add a license
  • Covers multiple business verticals
  • ERP availability

The days of having to jump in between systems to manage your business are over.  Our solution allows you to manage everything from all of your marketplaces and web stores in one place providing our clients with a true source of data reflected in all integrated systems.  The more channels you sell through the more powerful our solution becomes.

  • Marketplace Integrations
  • Webstore Integrations
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Shipping Integration

See our partner page for more information on what systems we can tie into your powered business

Manage all your customer interactions in a single and intuitive interface. Features include:

  • Integration of multi-channel messages and cases
  • Access to in-depth customer profiles that appear as you craft your message
  • Canned responses for one click answers to your FAQ’s
  • Assignment rules to route emails to reps based on their content, origin, etc.
  • Threaded messages to view the entire line of communication.

Our service is designed to manage the day-to-day customer service operations across multiple posting accounts. All statuses and communications are all routed through the marketplaces for full transparency about our client’s activities.

Process all returns, exchanges, and refunds from the customer service console:

  • Review full details of returns including return reason by SKU and resolution
  • Enforce security on return limit and authorization
  • Tie in email templates to update customers on every step of the RMA process
  • Returns can be managed via Amazon or eBay cases or Amazon or eBay messages

All of these features can be conveniently managed in a single workspace that communicates status changes and closed cases to the marketplaces. This saves customer service reps from logging into individual posting accounts to issue a refund or hunt for information.

Ensure your ChannelAdvisor store is fully stocked and ready to meet all your customer orders with Cloud Conversion. Our solution takes care of inventory management in the following ways:

  • Manages kits and bundles across all your sales channels.
  • Systematically updates inventory levels and reorder status for your ChannelAdvisor store.
  • Automatically pulls products from ChannelAdvisor when they stock out to eliminate overselling.

These processes will ensure that your business will run smoothly without the headache that poorly managed inventory systems can bring. For more advanced functionality around purchase orders and suppliers please investigate Cloud Conversion ERP for ChannelAdvisor.

Stay competitive by utilizing Cloud Conversion’s powerful analytics engine. Analyze vast bodies of data by building reports and dashboards around:

  • Customer Segmentation, Repeat Buyers and Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Satisfaction
  • Sales History, Top Selling Products, High & Low Profitability, Products, Inventory Turns
  • Customer Service Efficiency, Returns % by Product & Category, Refund Reasons

Our analytics engine empowers you to use your data to run your business better. These reports come as soon as you become a customer and your historical data is pulled from Amazon but new reports can also be built as you work one on one with our Customer Success Team.