Cloud Conversion CRM is a way for eCommerce retailers selling across multiple channels to unite their data in order to build an easy to navigate database that empowers them to manage customer service, returns, and analytics. This solution, built feature by feature via the demands of our clients, is designed by eCommerce retailers for eCommerce retailers.

Our client’s experience is centered around detailed customer profiles that outline every interaction a customer has with their company. Phone calls, messages, and orders, appear organized on an automated basis as new interactions take place. Linkable data points allow for swift navigation from customer history to a specific order or message with the goal of providing rapid access to information essential to impressing a customer.

The result is a rich, reliable, and connected, solution primed for managing an eCommerce company in the cloud.

All I can say is wow.... This App made our lives so much easier, everything synced all the time. Real time order status, message history, return status and best of all it integrates with everything we use, eBay, Magento, CA, you name it it does it. A must have for any serious eCommerce team !!

Amir K-Valor International

Without a doubt this is one of the most needed applications on the market. Finally you are able to handle all customer service issues from multiple channels in one location.


We've been selling on Amazon for many years and have been looking for this app the entire time. We can now manage all of our eBay, Amazon and website customer service emails and RMAs directly from Salesforce. The ability to now see our top Amazon customers, top selling Amazon products, sales volume over time, messages per product and returns across channels is awesome.

Omar E-Optoro

Cloud Coversion's CRM connector has been a great addition to our eCommerce setup. In addition to the CRM functionality, the kitting/bundling features for all our eComm Channels has been working fabulously! Thanks to the team for answering all our questions and helping improve our overall performance and efficiency!

Mikki S-Studio Hut

Jon and Bryan are Brilliant this product has helped us streamline processes and exceed our customers expectations. If you are using Channel Advisor without the CRM connector you are missing out!

Tom M-Nothern Marine Discount Electronics LLC

I have been using the CRM connector for a few years now (in fact we were the first in Europe I believe). I have to say that it has dramatically changed our lives - and that is no overstatement! We were able to reduce our staffing numbers buy quite a bit and provide a far slicker service for our customers, which in turn meant more repeat business. Not only that - but the customer service is perfect. Top marks all round. If you are even thinking about this then dont! Just get it.

Andrew T-Tackle Discounts is the bedrock of our solution. As a partner of salesforce we offer our clients the same award winning and innovative technology used by the most successful companies in the world. was originally designed to manage a B2B sales pipeline. Cloud Conversion has repurposed in order to fit the unique demands of an eCommerce retailer selling on webstores, marketplaces or both. By adjusting this powerful tool to the way our clients do business we are able to expose this technology to a group of business typically underserved by the technology industry.

The analytics, automation and customization that is famous for in now available to eCommerce retailers around the world.


Selling online successfully requires a vast amount of technology that often is suited to a specialized task. Our solution seeks to unite these different tools under one roof through automated integrations in order to provide our clients with a single platform to run their company.

This strategy has lead us to integrate the best solutions in the business across eCommerce marketplaces, webstores, payment gateways, shipping and accounting. Please visit our partner page to see who we love working with.


A huge benefit of having Cloud Conversion built on the platform is the security measure that are taken to keep your data safe.  Salesforce uses a multi-layered approach to protect that key information, constantly monitoring and improving their application, systems, and processes to meet the growing demands and challenges of security. For more information please visit

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